Production has asked me to help revamp some of the challenges for King of the Nerds season 2. They are interested in challenges that hit “untouched areas of nerddom”. Some that immediately come to mind are:

  • Magic: The Gathering/some other deck-building game

  • a LARPing challenge

  • a little Caesars pizza eating contest (har har)

I have my list. I (obviously) cannot share it with you all, but before I submit my final list of ideas I wanted to ask what ideas you all have. What’s a challenge youd like you to see in season 2?

Please email me at . You might very well see your challenge in season 2!

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    What about console gaming? That went completely undone with the exception of dancing….. but I don’t really think that...
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  6. jvempire said: making robots and having them fight.
  7. bradpittseyebrows said: Maybe a DnD type challenge? I’d like to see tabletop gaming incorporated more :)
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  9. super-high-school-level-stunfisk said: I know it’s not your cup of tea but what about an anime challenge? It’s pretty big geeky subculture now but idk
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