One of my fellow King of the Nerds castmembers (whose name I withhold unless he/she wishes to be identified) said that I wasn’t owning up to drama I created—in particular citing an incident that wasn’t shown in episode 2, “Imaginary Realms”.

Without further ado, I wish to rectify this situation.

While both teams were getting into their final costumes, I, Virgil Griffith, while passing each other on the stairs, spanked Danielle Mackey’s (Panser’s) ass while she was wearing her elf-costume.

I wholly and fully agree and accept this was completely inappropriate. I apologized profusely then and I do so again now. My action was purely on impulse, and if I had the ability to time-travel and undo this action I would. I accept whatever social excoriation is deemed fit by the KotN-watching public at large.

Update: One commentator, who is presumably a fan of Ms. Panser, asked what her ass was like. First, this question is pretty offensive even for the Internet. Second, I wasn’t paying attention so I don’t remember. Third, even if I did remember, knowledge of the properties Danielle’s ass should be restricted soley to Danielle and those Danielle has personally decided to share this knowledge with—which means not the Internet.

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